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Jonathan Stark

Cross-Platform Perfection: What To Do When Media Queries Aren't Enough

Presented by Jonathan Stark
Date: Thursday, Apr 17 at

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http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781449368760/thumb.gif iOS Game Development Cookbook iOS Game Development Cookbook
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781449339586/thumb.gif MySQL High Availability MySQL High Availability
by Charles Bell, Mats Kindahl, Lars Thalmann
Second Edition
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781449364076/thumb.gif Building Web Apps with WordPress Building Web Apps with WordPress
by Jason Coleman, Brian Messenlehner
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781449358457/thumb.gif Java Performance: The Definitive Guide Java Performance: The Definitive Guide
by Scott Oaks
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491946671/thumb.gif Creating Apps in Kivy Creating Apps in Kivy
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491900864/thumb.gif Java 8 Pocket Guide Java 8 Pocket Guide
by Robert James Liguori, Patricia Liguori
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491904367/rc_thumb.gif Java in a Nutshell Java in a Nutshell
Sixth Edition
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781457185960/rc_thumb.gif Make: More Electronics Make: More Electronics
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491902615/rc_thumb.gif Mastering Bitcoin Mastering Bitcoin
by Andreas Antonopoulos
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491904541/thumb.gif Intermediate Python Intermediate Python
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491902141/thumb.gif Introduction to Python Introduction to Python
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781449369330/thumb.gif Client-Server Web Apps with JavaScript and Java Client-Server Web Apps with JavaScript and Java
by Casimir Saternos
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491901724/thumb.gif Lean UX Workshop Lean UX Workshop
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491901168/thumb.gif Software Architecture Fundamentals Part 2 Software Architecture Fundamentals Part 2
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9780814434161/thumb.gif Think Bigger Think Bigger
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491900413/thumb.gif Fluent Conference 2014 Complete Video Compilation Fluent Conference 2014 Complete Video Compilation
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781449367350/rc_thumb.gif Bioinformatics Data Skills Bioinformatics Data Skills
by Vince Buffalo
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491946183/thumb.gif Google Apps Script Google Apps Script
by James Ferreira
Second Edition
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781457183089/thumb.gif Getting Started with Intel Galileo Getting Started with Intel Galileo
by Matt Richardson
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781449340131/thumb.gif Head First JavaScript Programming Head First JavaScript Programming
by Elisabeth Robson, Eric Freeman
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781491901137/thumb.gif Software Architecture Fundamentals Part 1 Software Architecture Fundamentals Part 1
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781449337711/thumb.gif Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET
by Glenn Block, Pablo Cibraro, Howard Dierking, Pedro Felix, Darrel Miller
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781449371937/thumb.gif Data Push Apps with HTML5 SSE Data Push Apps with HTML5 SSE
by Darren Cook
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781937538392/thumb.gif Testing in Scrum Testing in Scrum
by Tilo Linz
http://akamaicovers.oreilly.com/images/9781449370770/thumb.gif Java 8 Lambdas Java 8 Lambdas
by Richard Warburton

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