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Developing Android Apps with Java, Part 1

Instructor: Tony Hillerson
Presented by CreativeTechs in partnership with O'Reilly

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The sessions were presented live during February and early March, 2010.

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"This is great hands on start up for any person who wants to be a good Android developer."
"Tony was well prepared, answered the questions precisely and made the class move along at the right pace."
"It starts your engines to develop on Android!"
"The class was *fantastic*. I completed each class and learned a ton."

What will I learn?
  • Use your Java skills to build apps with Eclipse and the Android SDK
  • Build a working task manager application that tracks things to do and places to go
  • Learn about Android controls, forms, and dialogs
  • Link your app to a local database to make a user's data persistent
  • Improve user experience by taking advantage of Android features
  • Make your app location-aware, and tie your tasks to map views

About this online course

With the backing of Google, Verizon, and other companies, the Android platform is poised to take the mobile market by storm. One of the big reasons is portability: now you can build apps that will work across several devices.

When you purchase this product, you'll get access to the videos, slide presentations, and code examples associated with the online course, Developing Android Applications with Java. This product will get you up to speed on the basics of Android development, including the Android SDK and the Eclipse IDE. As you learn, you'll build a simple Android app from start to finish.

Who should attend?
  • Java developers who want to create Android apps
  • Developers with extensive experience with Object-Oriented Programming (such as C#) who can pick up Java basics quickly
  • Developers with Eclipse experience

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Tony Hillerson is a mobile developer at EffectiveUI. He codes on the run, and on any given day he may be working with Objective-C, Java, Rails, Scala, and/or Ruby. In addition to his day job, Tony has contributed to many community projects, such as Brightkite and Twitter API libraries, and RubyAMF. He's also been a featured speaker at 360|iDev, RailsConf, and local user groups. Tony is interested in usability and experience design at all levels, from the database to the server to the interface.

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