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Astrophotography Astrophotography
by Thierry Legault
Print: $39.95
Ebook: $19.95
Bundle: $43.95

Configuration Management with Chef-Solo Configuration Management with Chef-Solo
Ebook: $13.99

Extending Puppet Extending Puppet
Ebook: $16.99

Getting Started with OpenShift Getting Started with OpenShift
by Steven Pousty, Katie Miller
Print: $19.99
Ebook: $16.99
Bundle: $21.99

Shopify Application Development Shopify Application Development
Ebook: $17.99


Thoughtful Machine Learning Thoughtful Machine Learning
by Matthew Kirk
Print: $39.99

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Jesse Cravens Jesse Cravens is a technologist with 12 years of experience in developing web applications. He has a Art degree from Rice University, and an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Patrick Mulder Patrick Mulder Patrick Mulder is a Rails and Backbone developer who has spoken at a number of conferences and blogs at

Alex Payne Alex Payne is Platform Lead at Twitter, where he develops services that enable programmers to build atop the popular social messaging service.

Sau Sheong Chang Sau Sheong Chang has been in software development, mostly web applications and recently cloud- and data-related systems, for almost 17 years and he's still a keen and enthusiastic programmer.

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O'Reilly Answers: Clever Hacks. Creative Ideas. Innovative Solutions.

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Four short links: 31 July 2013

July 31, 2013

How to Easily Resize and Cache Images for the Mobile Web (Pete Warden) — I set up a server running the excellent ImageProxy open-source project, and then I placed a Cloudfront CDN in front of it to cache the results. …

Really Understanding Computation

June 4, 2013

It’s great to see that Tom Stuart’s Understanding Computation has made it out. I’ve been excited about this book ever since we signed it. Understanding Computation started from Tom’s talk Programming with Nothing, which he presented at Ruby Manor in …

Four short links: 1 February 2013

February 1, 2013

Icon Fonts are Awesome — yes, yes they are. (via Fog Creek) What the Rails Security Issue Means for Your Startup — excellent, clear, emphatic advice on how and why security matters and what it looks like when you take …

Getting started with data-related explorations of everyday things

Getting started with data-related explorations of everyday things
By Andy Oram
June 7, 2012

Sau Sheong Chang describes the intriguing projects in his upcoming book, "Exploring Everyday Things with R and Ruby" and how other people can develop their own experiments.

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