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"Hive and Hadoop are growing in popularity rapidly," explains Programming Hive coauthor Dean Wampler. "People need good documentation to learn the basics quickly and to go beyond basic documentation to more advanced topics."

Wampler could almost be accused of understatement. In fact, big data products and new languages to support them have never been hotter.

Which is why we hasten to introduce three great new titles guaranteed to help your audience get up to speed quickly in the big data world.

Programming Hive
Learn to use Apache Hive, Hadoop's data warehouse infrastructure.

Hadoop Operations
Learn to maintain large and complex Hadoop clusters.

R in a Nutshell
Learn everything you can do with the open source R language and software environment.


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Hadoop Operations
Hadoop Operations
Programming Hive
Programming Hive
R in a Nutshell
R in a Nutshell


Dean WamplerDean Wampler

Dean Wampler is a Principal Consultant at Think Big Analytics, where he specializes in "Big Data" problems and tools like Hadoop and Machine Learning. Besides Big Data, he specializes in Scala, the JVM ecosystem, JavaScript, Ruby, functional and object-oriented programming, and Agile methods. Dean is a frequent speaker at industry and academic conferences on these topics. He has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Washington. His new book, Programming Hive, co-authored by Edward Capriolo and Jason Rutherglen, helps you move relational database applications to Apache Hive, Hadoop’s data warehouse infrastructure.

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