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Programming Parrot in a Nutshell

By Guido van Rossum and Larry Wall
July 2001 (est.)
0-596-00010-X, Order Number: 010X
401 pages (est.), $19.95 (est.)

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Programming Parrot is the definitive reference for the new, dynamic programming language, Parrot, a language intended to merge the indubitable strengths of the twin Open Source scripting giants, Perl and Python. Stemming from the unprecedented meeting of minds in the new ActiveState Technical Advisory Board, Programming Parrot was written jointly by Larry Wall, the original creator of Perl, and Guido van Rossum, the inventor of Python. By uniting the unparalleled flexibility of Perl with the simplicity and maintainability of Python, Parrot is destined to become the premier application development language of the twenty-first century.