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October 15, 1999
O'Reilly Releases Oracle Web Applications:
PL/SQL Developer's Introduction
SEBASTOPOL, CA--Many developers are intimidated by the vast array of new technologies in Oracle8I (Oracle's new "Internet database" that provides integration with Java and the Web)--and they're under pressure to build complex Web applications right away. Oracle Web Applications: PL/SQL Developer's Introduction provides a solution. This concise and readable book suggests an evolutionary, not revolutionary, path to successful Web development with Oracle8i. The reality is that developers don't need to become expert Java programmers to start building useful Web applications. They can use more familiar technologies while they get up to speed. The book covers:
  • PL/SQL--a structured programming language that combines procedural constructs and standard SQL.

  • PL/SQL Toolkit--a set of PL/SQL packages supplied by Oracle for use in developing Web applications.

  • HTML--an ASCII-based markup language used to create Web pages.

  • WebDB--a software system for building, monitoring, and creating content-driven Web sites; it allows users to use a Web browser to access and store information in the Oracle8i database.

  • Oracle Application Server (OAS)--an extensible Web server that uses plug-in programs called cartridges to allow database-integrated Web systems to be developed in a variety of languages (e.g., PL/SQL, Java, Perl).

  • XML--an emerging standard for creating self-describing documents. It is similar to HTML but allows developers to create their own markup tags. XML is expected to be a key technology in electronic commerce systems.
The book also presents several sample applications that will teach developers how to build their own Web applications, even if they're still using Oracle8 (or even Oracle7).

Oracle Web Applications provides the jumpstart needed to make the transition from traditional programming to the development of useful Web applications for Oracle8i.

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Oracle Web Applications: PL/SQL Developer's Introduction
By Andrew Odewahn
1st Edition, September 1999
256 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-687-0, $29.95
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