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October 12, 1998
Latest O'Reilly Release Documents Windows NT Event Logging
SEBASTOPOL, CA--"One of the most neglected areas of computing operations is logging," says E. Eugene Schultz, Ph.D. in his foreword to the just-released book Windows NT Event Logging. "Consider the now legendary case of the 'Hannover Hacker' detailed in Cliff Stoll's engaging 'The Cuckoo's Egg'. A slight discrepancy between one system's accounting log and a custom logging program's logs led Stoll to discover, then trace, a dramatic series of break-ins into U.S. government and military systems." James D. Murray, author of Windows NT Event Logging explains: "Event logging can produce a wealth of data used to identify system and network problems, and potential security violations."

Event logging is a facility used by computer systems to record the occurrence of significant events. An "event" is any change that occurs in a system-for example, a user logon, an addition to a file, a change to a user's privileges, or an application program error. Windows NT Event Logging describes NT event logging for system administrators who use event logging as a tool for analyzing performance and troubleshooting system problems, for Win 32 programmers using the event logging API from C, Visual Basic 5, Perl 5 for Win32, Visual J++, C++/MFC, and for security administrators who use event logging to specify and audit security-related events. It is the only book on the market completely devoted to the increasingly important topic of event logging.

The book comes with a CD-ROM containing examples from the book and many contributed event logging and auditing software packages.

About the Author
James D. Murray started his computer career in 1981 on a Version 6 UNIX system running on a PDP-11/45 and programming in C. Over the years he has specialized in serial communications, image processing and analysis, UNIX and Windows NT systems programming, and telco network management. Currently, he works for a telecommunications company developing network management applications and as a staff writer for O'Reilly & Associates. He is the author of Windows NT SNMP (O'Reilly & Associates, 1998) and a co-author of the Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats (O'Reilly & Associates, Second Edition, 1996), and maintains the Graphics File Formats FAQ. He lives in Southern California.

About O'Reilly & Associates
O'Reilly & Associates is recognized worldwide for its definitive books on open source software, the Internet, programming, Windows NT and UNIX. Building on its expertise, O'Reilly has also produced award-winning Internet software and innovative web-based courses. The company's active support of open source software (a.k.a. free software) extends beyond its publishing program. O'Reilly has taken the lead in promoting and legitimizing open source software by hosting the April, 1998 Open Source Summit and producing an annual Perl Conference.


Windows NT Event Logging
By James D. Murray
1st Edition September 1998 (US)
316 pages, 1-56592-514-9, $32.95 (US$) Includes CD-ROM

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