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  May 8, 2000
Desktop Management with Novell ZENWORKS
Sebastopol, CA--Novell's Zero Effort Networking (ZENworks) automates desktop management and workstation maintenance, freeing system administrators to work on more pressing issues and allows users to feel confident that their workstations are set up in peak efficiency.

ZENworks is full of useful tools and features, but like all clever products, it's also complicated. How does NDS performance affect where the application objects should be placed? What components from the starter pack are required for your particular management strategy? How does the software integrate with your current system architecture? O'Reilly's latest release, Desktop Management with Novell ZENworks, will answer these and other questions you have about this relatively unknown software suite.

"I spent some years working with Windows NT workstations and servers, and when I started looking at NetWare and Windows NT Workstation, ZENworks was the clear way forward," says Gerald Foster, the author of Desktop Management with Novell ZENworks. "I was struck by its power and sophistication. I had not seen anything resembling this in a career stretching back almost 20 years. I was hooked. As with all sophisticated products, ZENworks is complicated. Novell has done a good job in reducing the complication, but you have to understand exactly what it is doing and why, or you cannot make full use of this powerful product."

ZENworks and Desktop Management with Novell ZENworks will help free IT professionals from the drudgery of constantly reinstalling workstations and applications and the endless personal visits to each workstation. Whether you're trying to figure out what policy objects are available for your Windows platform or how to configure the Application Launcher, Foster's new book will unravel the complexities of the tools and uncover their power.

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Desktop Management with Novell ZENworks
By Gerald Foster
1st Edition May 2000 (US)
1-56592-711-7, 286 pages, $29.95 (US$)
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