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  February 24, 2000
Brand Your Discussion Forums with WebBoard Host Master--
Multiply your Domains with O'Reilly's New
WebBoard Companion Software
SEBASTOPOL, CA--Discussion forums and chat are potent tools to build and maintain community on web sites-they drive repeat visits and build loyalty. WebBoard Host Master™, the first in the WebBoard™ Master Series from O'Reilly & Associates, makes it easy to brand community sites with unique, descriptive domain names that customers can easily remember. Host Master offers a new level of customization and control, allowing site administrators to create Unique Fully Qualified Domain Names for multiple discussion boards with a single IP address.

With Host Master, ISPs can "hide" their domain names, and offer their customers chat and discussion areas that use the customers' own distinctive URLs. Corporate and educational users can create easy-to-remember names for multiple departments or products that reinforce their brand.

For example, Huge Biz, Inc. can create a forum for the sales team at rather than They can also use Host Master's simple, logical naming convention to start separate discussion forums for their staff in the US and UK using the URLs and All email exchanges from the board use the appropriate domain name, making it appear as if on a dedicated server.

Pricing & Availability

Host Master is now available! For an online Demo Tour, see WebBoard HostMaster Central at The suggested retail price of Host Master is $2,299.

Press Only

The direct URL for the Host Master Demo Tour is For a CD of the complete working version of WebBoard Host Master, please contact Cammie Noah ( or 707.829.0515 x437.

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WebBoard and HostMaster are trademarks of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. All other names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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