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  July 11, 2000
O'Reilly Titles Sweep Computer Industry Awards
Sebastopol, CA--The Computer Press Association (CPA) has awarded top honors to PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide, 2nd Edition, by David Pogue, and The Cathedral & the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary, by Eric S. Raymond. "The Cathedral & the Bazaar" was awarded the Computer Press Association's Best Nonfiction Computer Book, and "PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide, 2nd Edition" won in the Best Advanced How-To Book category.

With an overwhelming vote, O'Reilly's Java books also claimed the top four spots on the 2000 Java Developers Journal Readers' Choice Awards:

What the judges of the CPA 2000 Awards said about "PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide, 2nd Edition":

"This book earns the title 'ultimate guide' by its comprehensive approach to the total Palm environment--on its own, communicating with a Mac or Windows computer, or online. The extensive information is well organized and based on things you would want to do with your Palm, rather than on features of the instrument. Graphics, subheads, and sidebars also help organize the text, and the conversational style gives it the feel of a tutorial from a knowledgeable friend."

What the judges of the CPA 2000 Awards said about "The Cathedral & the Bazaar": "This book is itself an example of the innovative ideas it discusses. The printed edition is perhaps only a convenient-to-read version of the text, which is constantly being revised online. The author is in constant dialogue with other members of the open source community and revises his work based on new developments and insights from others. A fascinating read that provides a philosophical analysis of the hacker world and the open source movement, and shows how profoundly they affect the world at-large. Written from an expert technical viewpoint without excluding the intelligent reader whose technical roots aren't as deep."

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