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February 1, 1999
Web Pioneer Brian Behlendorf Joins O'Reilly & Associates
SEBASTOPOL, CA--Brian Behlendorf, a key innovator in the development of Web commerce and founding member of the Apache Web Server Project, has joined O'Reilly & Associates as Chief Technology Officer, New Ventures. Behlendorf will be leading O'Reilly's initiatives to support the acceptance and development of Open Source™ and other related forms of collaborative software. His charge includes expanding his work with the Apache Project, with a primary focus on strengthening the infrastructure for Apache's Open Source software development process.

"I decided to join O'Reilly because I felt there was a unique chance here to explore a number of new business and technology ideas made possible by the changes taking place in the software world," said Behlendorf. "I believe O'Reilly is better positioned to take advantage of these new ideas than a traditional software company might be. Plus, the freedom to innovate and take chances is a part of the company's fabric."

Tim O'Reilly, President and CEO of O'Reilly & Associates, said "Brian brings a rare combination of vision, deep technical expertise, and business acumen to every project he touches. We're delighted to be working with him."

Behlendorf's recent endeavors include crafting strategic and technical directions for C2Net, a cryptography and web server software company, as well as coordinating content for the ApacheCon conference in October, 1998. He spent 1993-98 as co-founder and CTO at Organic Online, one of the first Web design and engineering consulting firms, where he helped create Internet strategies for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. While there, he co-founded and contributed heavily to the Apache Web Server Project, co-founded and supported the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling language) effort, and assisted several IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) working groups, particularly the HTTP standardization effort. Before starting Organic Online, Brian was the first Chief Engineer at Wired Magazine and later HotWired, one of the first large-scale publishing web sites.


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