Source Checklist

For all non original material you include in your book, you will need to credit the source. The following checklist will help to ensure that you have all necessary information for reference notes, bibliographies, resource pages, and contributor lists. If you need to obtain permission to use the material, this checklist will aid in preparing your request. It will also make it easier to prepare a list for sending out complementary copies to individual contributors and to contact them should you or another author wish to use their quote for another book in the series.

When gathering information about resources you wish to share with readers, such as a reading list, use this checklist to make sure you have recorded all the important details of the resource.

Complete a checklist for each quote, photograph, resource, or other piece of material you plan to include in your book. You can attach the checklist to the copy of the material, or specify the material on the checklist.

Individual contributor

Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Phone/Email: ________________________________________________________________

Material contributed: _______________________________________________________

Source: _____________________________________________________________________

(Examples: Post to Breast Cancer List/date; Interview/date; Original photograph)

Published material or resource

Note: It might be more convenient to photocopy the copyright page.

Title of book/journal/periodical: ____________________________________________

Edition/volume number: _______________________________________________________

Title of chapter/article: ____________________________________________________

Author/editor: _______________________________________________________________

Publisher, including city and state: _________________________________________

Date of publication: _________________________________________________________

Material to be used: _________________________________________________________

Page numbers: ________________________________________________________________

(If using several quotes from a publication, remember to identify the page numbers for each quote.)

Online material or resource

Title of document: ___________________________________________________________

Title of complete work (if different): _______________________________________

Author: ______________________________________________________________________

Document date or last revision: ______________________________________________

Online address: ______________________________________________________________

Host of Web site: ____________________________________________________________
(Example: "This is on the American Cancer Society's site.")

Material to be used: _________________________________________________________

Organization resource

Name of organization: ________________________________________________________

Contact person if appropriate: _______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Telephone (800 # if available): ______________________________________________

Fax: _________________________________________________________________________

World Wide Web address: ______________________________________________________

Email address: _______________________________________________________________