David Pogue's
iPhone: The Missing Manual, Third Edition iPhone App

If you have a new iPhone 3GS, or have updated your 3G with iPhone 3.0, this is the first new app you've got to have: iPhone: The Missing Manual -- the entire book, right on your iPhone. New York Times tech columnist David Pogue gives you a guided tour of every feature, with lots of tips, tricks, and surprises. Learn how to make calls and play songs by voice control, exploit iPhone's links to the Web, take sharper pictures, and watch TV shows and movies. Quickly set up, accessorize, and troubleshoot your iPhone on the spot with this amazing app!

iPhone: The Missing Manual app has complete step-by-step instructions for doing everything from scheduling to web browsing to watching video. This full-color app is the best, most objective resource available to unlock the full potential of your iPhone.

Learn how to:

  • Use the iPhone as a phone -- save time with things like Visual Voicemail, contact searching, and more
  • Treat the iPhone as an iPod -- listen to music, upload and view photos, and fill the iPhone with TV shows and movies
  • Take the iPhone online -- get online, use email, browse the Web, and use the GPS with the built-in compass
  • Go beyond the iPhone -- use iPhone with iTunes, sync it with your calendar, and learn about The App Store, where you can browse and select what you want from thousands of iPhone-friendly programs

In short, this is the one app that should have come with your iPhone.


"Pogue, the New York Times computer columnist, is among the world's best explainers." Kevin Kelly, co-founder, Wired magazine.