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Mandriva (formerly known as Mandrakesoft) can be seen both as a project initiator and a skills organizer in the Open Source arena. Its ambition is to help users benefit from community's innovations by offering a powerful, stable and recognized operating system together with a full range of solutions for client computers (Windows-type graphical user interface, compatible office suite, Internet browser) and for servers (web server, e-mail server, print server, etc.).

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Mandriva's Limited Edition 2005 brings the ultimate to Linux enthusiasts -- Mandriva (pronounced "Man-dree-vah"!), the company formerly known as Mandrakesoft, today released Limited Edition 2005, a special new version of its operating system that blends the most up to date popular open source applications, including Firefox 1.0.2, with specific customisations resulting in advanced multimedia, internet and development capabilities. These features include out-of-the-box Web content RSS reading and software sound mixing (so multiple applications can play sound at once). Limited Edition 2005 is the only Linux system to allow the trouble-free coexistence of 32-bit and 64-bit applications. It also offers enhanced hardware support for removable devices, including the ability to boot from USB keys.

Mandrakesoft Announces Name Change! -- After spending weeks balancing pros and cons, Mandrakesoft has decided to change its name! The name change will apply worldwide to both the company and its products.

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