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The Youngest "Learning Python" Fan

November 2004

How old do you have to be to appreciate O'Reilly's books? Not very. Tim Pietzcker shows us how much his 17-month-old son likes O'Reilly's Learning Python, and other readers chime in with similar experiences. The appeal of O'Reilly animals proves to be cross-generational.

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The O'Reilly Wish Book

August 2004

Do you remember when you used to circle the toys you wanted in the Sears catalog? Liz Donaldson does, and now she's got a new kind of Wish Book: the quarterly O'Reilly catalog. In this month's Letters column, Liz tells us how she uses the catalog, Safari Bookshelf, and Amazon to make purchasing decisions.

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Safari Testimonials

June 2004

Safari users tell us why the service has become such a valuable tool in their information arsenal.

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Hello from Baghdad

April 2004

O'Reilly reader Staff Sergeant Troy Blanchard has been called to active duty in Iraq. One of his tasks while deployed is to migrate Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan to Active Directory from NT4. And he's using Active Directory Cookbook to help.

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Imagine My Surprise: Open Books

February 2004

Over the years, O'Reilly has published a number of "Open Books"--books with various forms of open copyright. We recently adopted the Creative Commons Founders' Copyright, which we'll apply to hundreds of other titles over time. In this month's column, O'Reilly reader Collin Starkweather describes how his copy of Free as in Freedom got lost in a move, but his research work was saved when he discovered O'Reilly's Open Books Project.

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Oracle Built-In Packages

December 2003

Scott Galliand wrote to us because he's ready for a new edition of Oracle Built-In Packages. O'Reilly editor Debby Russell explains why we haven't updated this title, and she describes what we've done instead to address the information pain around Oracle's abundance of packages.

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