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More than any time in the history of the Web, incumbents in the network economy are consolidating their power and staking new claims to key points of control. It's clear that the internet industry has moved into a battle to dominate the Internet Economy.

John Battelle and Tim O'Reilly will debate and discuss these shifting points of control as the board becomes increasingly crowded. They'll map critical inflection points and identify key players who are clashing to control services and infrastructure as they attempt to expand their territories. They'll also explore the effect these chokepoints could have on people, government, and the future of technology innovation.

Join us for this live broadcast taking place just weeks before Web 2.0 Summit begins and contribute to this important conversation. Be sure to visit the Points of Control map to see how John and Tim are visualizing the lay of the internet landscape.

Access to this webcast is available to registered participants at no cost. In order to provide you with this free service, you may receive additional information about Web 2.0 Summit and other events produced by O'Reilly Media and UBM TechWeb.

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