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Download free O'Reilly posters and display them at your office, home or school to show your support for O'Reilly. These posters have been created over the years for a variety of events and groups and now we'd like to share them with you.

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"O'Reilly Spoken Here" Posters

O'Reilly Spoken Here Poster

The History of Programming Languages

For 50 years, computer programmers have been writing code. New technologies continue to emerge, develop, and mature at a rapid pace. Now there are more than 2,500 documented programming languages! In 2004 O'Reilly produced a poster called "History of Programming Languages", which plots over 50 programming languages on a multi-layered, color-coded timeline.

The History of Programming Languages Poster

Charting the Linux Anatomy

In 2000 Tim O'Reilly was sitting in the marketing design department at O'Reilly and he picked up an X-Acto Knife and sliced an apple to the core, and began to describe how all the disparate components of Linux fit neatly together. At the center is the kernel, and surrounding it is the fruit--layer upon layer of utilities and applications that make the system a viable whole.

After that demonstration, the editorial and marketing design groups moved ahead, eventually putting in 450 man-hours over a period of eight months for, of all things, a poster to announce O'Reilly's 2001 Open Source Software Convention. This was not to be your usual poster. Visually impressive and loaded with text, the absorbing three-by-three-foot "Anatomy of a Linux System" doesn't say much about the convention. It does, however, give viewers a concise and comprehensive look at the Linux universe. And given how it evolved, it's an open source poster in more ways than one.

Charting the Linux Anatomy Poster

Open Source Route Map

This poster was originally created in 2000. The version available for download is the updated version created in 2002.

Open Source Route Map

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