Media praise for The Art of Black and White Photography

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"Each chapter is so beautifully written...Even if there was not one picture, the writing is so strong and so well thought out, and so well developed, that as a writer alone Torsten Andreas Hoffmann gets three thumbs up."
-- John Nemerovski, Pixiq

"Overall I consider it a useful book even if just for the excellent section on picture composition which is where, for me, the real art of photography lies."
-- Neil Davis,

"When I first started shooting in the 1970s, I used black and white film and did most of the developing myself. I have always loved black and white photography and was really looking forward to reading The Art of Black and White Photography. However, it appears that the book is primarily meant to "facilitate both amateurs and professionals as they transition from analog to digital"[while helping] you become familiar with digital photography and focus again on the image in the digital age"." Full Review >
-- Richard Hamilton,