Media praise for Ten Photo Assignments

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"It has been said that there is no better way to learn than by doing, and in Ten Photo Assignments to Develop Your Photographic Skills, that's exactly how you'll learn."
-- Marie Altenburg, PSA Journal, September 2012

"Ten Photo Assignments by Amanda Quintenz-Fielder offers ten advanced exercises in photographic technique and principles, in a book format. If you've got the gear gear, a little bit of understanding of that gear, and some patience to work through the assignments in the book then this may be a good purchase for you." Full Review >
-- Aaron Sumner,

"This is a superbly fashioned instruction course for those who want to go beyond photographic snaps and start to think about what makes a photo particularly remarkable. Although it won't provide a simple formula to turn you into a photographic expert, what it does do is provide a series of "assignments" focusing on particular aspects that can be explored to both enjoy getting deeper into the photographic experience, but also moving beyond the snapshot." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,