Media praise for See What I Mean

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"This book is a clear guide to help you mock up your ideas and concepts for better reaching to your colleagues or clients. You don't need to be a caricaturist to use drawing as a tool to explain what you really mean." Full Review >
-- Nestor Mata,

"Good book that teaches how to draw comics that will help seasoned bloggers and presenters to convey their thoughts more mind-friendly way." Full Review >
-- M Sheik Uduman Ali,

"The comic format is quite consumed by young people today, See What I Mean - How To Use Comics to Communicate Ideas Comics shows the use of a tool." Full Review >
-- Juan Jose de Leon,

"Oh, boy. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This is the first post of the year, and it will be about the first book I’ve finished, “See What I Mean” by Kevin Cheng (which, by the way, I got from O’Reilly’s Blogger Review Program). It’s a book about using comics… " Full Review >
-- Esteban Manchado Velázquez,

"This book delivers on it's title. From planning to completion, it shows how to use comics to communicate ideas. A fun, easy read loaded with valuable information. " Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,

"... with author suggestions, I started doodling and doing exercises from book and it was fun :-) ..." Full Review >
-- Przemysław Dąbek,