Media praise for Take Control of Your Online Privacy

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"I'm always on the lookout for new books on digital security, privacy, and anonymity, so I was delighted when O'Reilly Media offered me the chance to review Joe Kissell's Take Control of Your Online Privacy. Despite it's lack of depth or any kind of step-by-step instruction, Take Control of Your Online Privacy does an excellent job of introducing beginners to the principles of digital privacy. It provides an excellent foundation for further learning, and Kissell's discussion of the broader principles behind privacy is something that is too often absent from this sort of work. Beginners would do well to start with this book." Full Review >
-- Clifford Anello,

"The author, Joe Kissell, draws the reader in right from the get-go with a straightforward introduction to the book's purpose, followed by an equally straightforward challenge: Learn what you have to hide. As he points out, many of us may assume we have nothing to hide, but that just simply isn't so. Even the most innocent person has plenty to hide, and there are plenty of ways to keep snoopers out." Full Review >
-- Ciprian Rusen,