Media praise for Realm of Racket

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"The book itself is fun and follows a careful easy to follow pedagogy. It begins with a description of the language's history and motivation, discusses the installation of the language and its environment and then proceeds to teach with a combination of well drawn comics and a succession of games (one per chapter) beginning with a simple guess the number and concluding with a distributed multi-computer game employing client server technologies."
-- Ira Laefsky,, Information Technology Consultant and Human Computer Interaction Researcher

"Upon reading the title of this book (Realm of Racket: Learn to Program, One Game at a Time!; O'Reilly Media), one might expect to find an elementary level intro to functional programming. However, while the book does take a very gentle course of introduction to the subject matter, (somewhere around the first couple chapters) there appears to be a quick departure away from the 'hand-holding' and into Lambda Calculus. Please don't be frightened by this" Full Review >
-- Noah Spahn,

"This book is firmly targeted at younger people relatively new to programming, but gives a solid grounding that many other books don't. The initial pace is slow, but it moves quickly along and most entry-level programmers will find themselves needing to follow closely the later chapters." Full Review >
-- Dave Cottlehuber,