Media praise for The Modern Web

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"What we call the web is eveloping a really fast paced. Not so much ago, when we though about the web we were thinking about something personal computer related. In the meantime, but, it has became a really complex landscape. In practice it actually means that every product that is launched to the web has to be properly designed" Full Review >
-- Joan Palahí,

"With the dizzying array of options out there, what's an aspiring web developer to do? Peter Gasston has effectively asked the same questions, and his answer is "The Modern Web". A guide to modern Web development standards and options that both web developers and software tester should find lots to love." Full Review >
-- Michael Larsen,

"The Modern Web in Gasstons own words "is about front-end web development in this new web-everywhere era"" Full Review >
-- Wyndham Hudson,

""The Modern Web" is a technical introduction and fairly crisp deep dive into the latest multi-device web development technologies. The author focuses on the core technologies and highlights how it can be different between devices. He offers helpful suggestions and guidance towards how to ensure the content is consistent across multiple platforms and devices." Full Review >
-- Rangaprabhu Parthasarathy,

"After I started reading this book, I realized if I hadn't received it as a review copy, I would still want to go out and buy it. This was one of the best books I've read at introducing many of the new options available in web construction, from HTML5, through CSS3, all the way to Javascript and APIs and how to use the basics." Full Review >
-- Tony Dunsworth,

"What would you expect in a book titled 'The Modern Web'? A discussion on the connected world? the global village? The disruptive web? This book is a revelation of the jobbing skills of the agency web developer! A brilliant read and a great single point of reference" Full Review >
-- Chris Allen,

"Web is changing: new technologies, frameworks but also new devices for browsing Internet. The Modern Web: Multi-Device Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript is interesting book " informative but often author barely scratches the surface...." Full Review >
-- Przemysław Dąbek,

"This book is excellent at explaining all the options you have in HTML5, CSS, and Javascript to create good looking, responsive, and adative web applications." Full Review >
-- Michiel van Otegem,

"One of the things I like about this book is the format, it is very easy to follow and after each chapter this is a section entitled "Further Reading" which is good because you can find more information from reading other books on the subject. That is, if you think you need other books, since this book is written by a guru of web development." Full Review >
-- Ninajean Slone,

"Excellent overview of current and future technologies for developing for the web. If you're trying to catch up on various technologies and best practices on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, etc., this is the book. It touches just about everything you want to know and goes just deep enough to help you understand importance and implementation." Full Review >
-- David Hayden,

"As the pace of change in the Web domain keeps accelerating, working Web developers, all of us but especially freelancers, struggle with finding the time to: 1) work; and 2) not get too far behind the technology curve. This book was written to help with that struggle: [T]his book is… " Full Review >
-- Steve Clason,