Media praise for Think Like a Programmer

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"The book is universally practical regardless of the programming language you use."
-- Craig S. Mullins, Data and Technology Today

"This is definitely a book that I would use in teaching programming to others...Those teaching computer programming no longer have an excuse for only teaching the students half of what they need to know to be good programmers. They should all now be adding an extra subject to their course to teach the other half using this book as the class text."
-- Stephen Chapman,

"I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their problem solving capabilities. I wish I had had this book when I started studying computer science — the fundamentals contained here would have been a valued addition to the text books teaching syntax and specific technologies."
-- Mass Dosage, Slashdot

"Thinking Like a Programmer is a brain fitness guide for people who want to code more efficient programs, more complex programs, or who just want to learn how to do a much better job of defining complex problems into much easier to manage thoughts and steps."
-- Rick Kingslan,

"If you have problems getting started, or find yourself diving down one frustrating rabbit hole after another in pursuit of solutions, this book is for you." Full Review >
-- Kim Rowan,

"A systematically approach to solving problems in programming world. However the ideas presented are not only about programming, many can be applied in other areas of our life." Full Review >
-- Radu Cernea,

"This book presents valuable problem solving programming strategies exemplified by solving simple legacy C++ beginner tasks." Full Review >
-- Gheorghe Curelet-Balan,

"Yesterday, I posted a review of a now "classic" think-like-a-programmer book; Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas' "The Pragmatic Programmer". I commented that it was interesting to see this book from the perspective of 13 years later and what was still being practiced actively and where we may have moved on,… " Full Review >
-- Michael Larsen,

"Think Like a Programmer lo que hace es seleccionar diferentes áreas de problemas a los que puede enfrentarse un programador y proponer una serie de técnicas para resolverlos creativamente. A riesgo de superar la cuota de frases hechas que me perdonan los lectores diría "no te da el pescado sino que te enseña a pescar"." Full Review >
-- Diego Gonzalez,

"V. Anton Spraul is an experienced computer science teacher and has taught introductory programming and computer science for more than 15 years. The goal of this book is to teach you the creative Part of programming. It’s target audience are clearly beginners who “struggle to write programs, even though you… " Full Review >
-- Andreas von Linden,

"Tones and tones of programming problems." Full Review >
-- Marc 137,