Media praise for The Artist's Guide to GIMP

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"If you're curious about using GIMP professionally, this is your best resource."
-- Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly, Issue #237 October 2012

"A must for anyone who is looking to learn photo and image editing on a budget."
-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review: Wisconsin Bookwatch, August 2012, Volume 7, Number 8

"Decided to take a little detour from the world of technology and check out a different book. This one happened to be on GIMP. While I've always appreciated the power and versatility of GIMP, i've never really known how to make use of about 99% of the features it contained. That's where this book comes in handy. " Full Review >
-- Mat Powell,

"Focus on learning the process and be amazed at what can be accomplished with the GIMP, an open source graphics program. What I learned with this book will put the professional polish on my websites. Can't wait to get started!" Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,