Media praise for Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers

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"There are certainly many ways that a web developer can learn to code webbots and spiders, but one would be hard pressed to find a better starting point than reading Schrenk's second edition. The text and its associated code library lay an excellent foundation from which almost no webbot project is out of reach. And given the trends described above, there are good reasons to start learning bot development now."
-- Armando Roggio, Ecommerce Developer

"Webbots Spiders and Screen Scrapers teaches the reader how to create software scripts to access the Internet using automation" Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,

"It is also clear that the author has used robots to make online purchases. One wonders whose credit card was on the hook for code quality. It is funny to think of UPS showing up with, oops, 1000 packages one Tuesday morning. The author's real-world web crawling experience adds something hard to describe, something good." Full Review >
-- Thomas Maher,

"I've been immediately caught from this book since I'm in a project that is based on a webbot, and I'm developing it using PHP and cURL. Since the first day I've started to use cURL (and a lot of other PHP classes) I wondered about the sense of all these complex and extravagant classes and functions. " Full Review >
-- Fabio Alessandro Locati,

"Perfect your webbot army!" Full Review >
-- Marc 137,