Media praise for The Linux Command Line

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"William E. Schotts, Jr. has created more than just a reference book for those who want to learn more about working on the command line. He's delivered a short course for people to get under the hood and master new aspects of their Linux system...The Linux Command Line is a perfect companion to more remedial guides to Linux that touch on the command only briefly, and also a terrific bridge to deeper technical programming books. Highly recommended."
-- Ashley Perkins, Game Vortex

"I would heartily recommend this book on the shelf and at the hand not only of Linux novices, but anyone who wishes to understand the power (and use it) of Linux, Windows-based Posix utilities and anyone who must manipulate text-based files now or in the future."
-- Ira Laefsky, MSE/MBA, IT Consultant & Systems Researcher formerly on the Senior Consulting Staff of Arthur D. Little, Inc. and Digital Equipment Corporation

"A useful book for beginners of Linux." Full Review >
-- Vasudev Ram,

"People, and by "people" I mean "code monkeys", are endlessly going on about how much more user-friendly Linux is, than Windows. "Learning Code is easy," they say. "Just take a weekend with a code book and learn it!" they say. "Well, I am happy to report, "The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction" by William E. Shotts Jr. is such a book." Full Review >
-- Giacomo Santangelo,

"This is my new favourity linux book, you have to read it!" Full Review >
-- Marc 137,

"The command line can be one of the most intimidating aspects of learning Linux, I know it was for me. And while the command line gives you an awesome amount of power with using Linux, it also makes it entirely to easy to destroy and delete entire directories without trying. It's like what Uncle Ben said in Spider Man "with great power comes great responsibility." Learning the command line is one of those things that takes a good guide and clear instructions (and warnings on what not to do), and while I had friends who helped me walk through the process, it still seemed intimidating. And after reading this book, I wish I had it when I started out. William makes the command line less intimidating, provides clear instructions, and lets you know the pitfalls to watch out for." Full Review >
-- Andrew Shuping,

"I approached this book as an aging hacker who started out network computing on DEC VAX and VMS, but spent more than a dozen years in Windows-close business environments, and now gets back to its roots with a programming habit turning serious. My UNIX experience got rusty during the years,… " Full Review >
-- Daniel Molnar,

"The Linux Command Line : A Complete Introduction by William Shotts jr is as complete as you might desire / imagine and delivers much more than it promises. This is simply the most fun, yet strikingly comprehensive, introduction to Linux that you could want. As the title states it focusses on interaction via the Linux command line yet delves into popular GUI's at times and provides such comprehensive coverage that you will go from newbie to pro in no time." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,

"What if you had a book that took you from the very beginning of the Linux command line options, and it took you through progressively interesting and relevant topics so that you really could develop a mastery of the shell? Oh, and what if it were written in a fun… " Full Review >
-- Michael Larsen,

"  A book that covers how to use the linux command line for moving, copying, file permissions,text editing with VI, creating shell scripts (and troubleshooting them), network issues, storage media, compiling, get-apt... and more Probably not a unique book but "no starch" is a great book series imo. This is… " Full Review >
-- DC Crowley,