Media praise for The Book of CSS3

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"I can honestly say I will never need another book on this subject, and I doubt anyone else will either. The Book of CSS3, covers it all and covers it well."
-- Devon Young,

"...informative and even witty at times but cuts straight to the point instead of being overly verbose. He does a great job of explaining each property quickly and getting to what you really want to see: the syntax."
-- Joshua Johnson, Design Shack

"If you have been interested in the wild world of CSS3 and wanted a one stop shop to help get your head around it, The Book of CSS3 is a great first stop."
-- Michael Larsen, TESTHEAD

"I absolutely love this book! Peter has an amazing ability to reduce the complexities of CSS3 into easy, and understandable verbage...This has become my new go-to reference for all things CSS3."
-- Gregory Zentkovich,

"The ideal audience for this book is a web developer who is familiar with CSS and has designed several websites. In other words, you won't learn how to design a nice layout but you will learn all of the details about CSS 3. The things I liked about this book are that there are numerous examples in every chapter, with pictures that demonstrate different CSS properties. " Full Review >
-- Kenrick Chien,

"I really liked how this book was organized, the first part deals with the CSS3 features that are already implemented in major browsers, followed by the parts which are partially implemented, and finally the things which are not yet implemented or agreed upon and are likely to change." Full Review >
-- Brian Bondy,

"I’ve been slowly working on my “front end” web development for a while and the critical piece to this is being able to leverage CSS better. With the ability to write mobile compatible applications as well, making CSS work for you is even more important. Fortunately, The Book of CSS3… " Full Review >
-- Sean Patterson,

"As on of the contributors to TinyMCE, it's important for me to be well on top of CSS for two reasons, first to ensure that we support CSS well for our customers, and second to ensure that we leverage it well for the product. The book of CSS3 presents the new features included in CSS3 in a readable, well written style. I found interesting and noteworthy points in almost every chapter " Full Review >
-- Rob Dawson,

"The Book of CSS 3 A Developer's Guide to the Future of Web Design, by Peter Gasston will prove to be a valuable hand book for the designer implementing CSS3. Continue reading →" Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,

"The Book of CSS3 is an informative text for those who have a little CSS experience and would like to see what all the fuss is about with CSS3. However, if you have no knowledge of CSS you are going to be lost at sea while reading the text. It is certainly not meant to teach the basics of CSS, rather, as the title suggests it is more focussed on what is changing and being added in CSS3." Full Review >
-- Michael Dominick,

"Not only does the Book of CSS3 by Peter Gasston provide a thoughtful introduction to the latest and greatest power of CSS3, it offers clear, thorough and well illus­trated examples built on tips, tricks and real world experience. This book is aimed at those with some experience with CSS in gen­eral but does not demand an in-depth knowledge. It jumps in and demonstrates by doing and provides a logical path through the vari­ous facets of CSS3." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,

"Peter is perfectly right with his introduction to the book "“ "Let me tell you a little about who I think you are: You're a web professional who's been hand-coding HTML and CSS ("¦)"¯. This sentence, probably, describes most of the home grown HTML developers around the world." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"Peter writes the book as if you already have experience using and understanding basic CSS concepts and HTML, so if you're looking for a book to teach you CSS then you'll want a different guide. If however, you want a book that shows you some of the features of CSS3 you're in the right place. Peter has been writing about CSS3 for over 5 years and in this book he covers some features of CSS3. Each chapter covers a new feature of CSS3, how to use it in clear and easy to understand code to follow, and which browsers currently support the feature. " Full Review >
-- Andrew Shuping,