Media praise for The Manga Guide to Relativity

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"A lot of information is provided here, and while it requires attention, I never found it overwhelming. It seemed to follow logically and make sense as I was reading."
-- Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading

"If you were at all interested in the weird world of relativity, but thought you could not understand the concepts, try this book. Its unique approach can help you understand."
-- Jonathan DuHamel,

"An excellent introduction to relativity."
-- Muhammed Hassanali, TCM Reviews

"After 10 pages, I was hooked. This volume takes an intensely complex subject and makes it understandable to the non-physicist."
-- John A. Wass, Ph.D, Contributing Editor, Scientific Computing & Consulting Statistician, Quantum Cat Consultants

"If you have a curiosity about physics, this is a fun way to sate it. "The Manga Guide to Relativity" by Masafumi Yamamoto, Keita Takatsu, and Hideo Nitta is a beautiful blend of manga, humor and science." Full Review >
-- Thomas Harning,

"The Manga Guide To Relativity by Hideo Nitta, Masafumi Yamamoto, and Keita Takatsu is a surprisingly good read. I honestly was not expecting much in the way of depth on a scientific subject from a manga, but I was pleasantly surprised by this book. If you enjoy manga and science, this is definitely a book you will enjoy reading." Full Review >
-- Nick Zimmerman,

"Physics is an intimidating subject this (comic-)book manages to tackle in a way most teenagers will find easy to understand. More to the point, they will, hopefully, find it fun and compelling too. " Full Review >
-- Ricardo Banffy,

"Being a casual student of cosmology, I was excited for the opportunity to read The Manga Guide to Relativity by Hideo Nitta, Masafumi Yamamoto and Keita Takatsu. I have read several works explaining relativity and therefore the thought of relativity explained through comic book characters seemed a little far-fetched. My thinking… " Full Review >
-- David Peach,

"Many years ago, when I was in Japan for business trips, I would often find myself hanging out in bookshops and browsing technical books. Not that I can read entire Japanese books, but I find them very informative with all the illustrations. Looking at illustrations alone and understanding the descriptions are sometimes enough for me. When I found The Manga Guide to Relativity, my first reaction was that of skepticism. There is no way they can teach relativity thru Manga. Being a fan of Japanese animation, I gave it a try, just for entertainment value. I was delightfully surprised that the topic of relativity was seamlessly integrated to a humorous story: Japanese humor + Japanese comic + science = a fun and informative read." Full Review >
-- Rino Sardon,

"So you want to learn Special & General Relativity the 'easy way'? By looking at pretty pictures? Okay, here's your (Japanese comic) book. Pros: Looks great in iBooks on an iPad. Does what it says in a dense, concise package. The end of chapter sections are great. Cons: None really, but might be too dense for young children. " Full Review >
-- Leo Marihart,