Media praise for The Linux Programming Interface

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"...everything relating to the subject that I could reasonably think of is in the book, in a very thorough and maniacally complete yet enjoyably readable way..."
-- Federico Lucifredi,

"This book is amazing! It is so much more thorough and comprehensive than any other Linux book that I have read through in the past.... Overall this is an amazing read and I highly recommend it to all Linux programmers (or wanna-be's)."
-- Dad of Divas,

"This book is highly recommended for those who want to learn systems programming on Linux/Unix. You can use it both for learning concepts and also as a reference."
-- Rajanikanth Jammalamadaka, BayPIGgies (Bay Area Python Interest Group)

"Lately I’ve been in the process of slimming down my personal library, but this book has earned a prominent place on my computer shelf."
-- William Springer, Vulcan Ears Book Reviews

"At over 1,500 pages, this work can appear to be intimidating for some readers. However, Kerrisk does a great job of being thorough." Full Review >
-- Dylan Scott,

"The Linux Programming Interface is a very extensive tome on the ins and outs of the Linux (nay Unix) system programming interfaces, from the maintainer of the Linux man-pages project. The book covers everything from the a.out (assembler output) format to zombie processes." Full Review >
-- Devendra Tewari,

"I do some programming in Linux and have to say this is a wonderful reference. It really gives you an excellent set of programming tools when you write any kind of software in Linux. There's so much there to use as a reference. It's great to have in any collection of books at your desk to help with Linux programming." Full Review >
-- Tom Hood,

"A definitive and monumental guide to the System call and C library on Linux. The author of this book acts as guide to the jungle, going into the undergrowth, covering everything up to socket programming. The table of contents alone comes to 17 pages! I consider myself a tough reviewer, and am slightly awe-struck. The book succeeds on several levels: As a reference work. For example code - there is extensive sample code, available both "as in the book", and "value added" tarballs with extra comments and examples." Full Review >
-- Kieran Barry,

"If you're looking to do some low-level Linux API/Kernel development, this is the book you want close by. This book has it all" from file IO, to processes, threading, memory management, socket programming, you name it. All with well explained examples in C. This book is incredibly well structured and the authors delivers well explained concepts with code examples that makes this a vital reference book to any Linux system developer or software engineer. Another great aspect of this book is that every system call comes with a complete, fully functional example program. This is unlike a lot of development books that just highlight particular methods or calls. Definitely of the the best Linux reference books I've read. Highly recommend." Full Review >
-- Mat Powell,