Media praise for The Web Designer's Roadmap

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"The Web Designers Roadmap is a book about the creative process behind web design. One of the most challenging problems with design is knowing where to start, where to get ideas, and how to turn the ideas into actual web design whether it's a website, app, or blog design. This book focuses more on the actual structure of the design process. It doesn't really let us jump into the HTML/CSS code and learn HOW to design. The book focuses on thought process and the different ideas and structure of beauty." Full Review >
-- Jessica Blankenship,

"Discover how you can get started with designing your website like the pros." Full Review >
-- Cynthia Norman,

"One of the difficulties of designing any interface, whether it is for the web, for a mobile device, or for desktop software is knowing where to start, how to get the ideas, and how to turn those ideas into an effective interface design. The Web Designer’s Roadmap is a handy… " Full Review >
-- Cerys Willoughby,

"The Web Designer's Roadmap, By Giovanni DiFeterici; Publisher: SitePoint The Web Designer's Roadmap is a look at the creative process of creating a web site. The author gives insight into how design studios move from initial client request to finished " Continue reading →" Full Review >
-- Jeffery Rine,