Media praise for Jump Start CoffeeScript

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"If you are comfortable with JavaScript, HTML and computers, Castledine's book can provide you with an enjoyable, challenging, and useful way to learn CoffeeScript."
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions, Writer, Editor, Technical Writer, Book Author, Screenwriter, and Owner, Sagecreek Productions, LLC

"This is no doubt a great book that fulfills its objective completely. Not only that: it's also fun and easy to read. As a bonus brings also a lot of concepts about game programming that makes it twice as good." Full Review >
-- Pablo Olmos de Aguilera Corradini,

"Instead of Coffee vs Java, why not have some of both? Coffee Script is a simple, and easy to understand SuperSet of JavaScript that simplifies web development." Full Review >
-- Matthew Stobbs,

"Ok this book is pretty good. The code is excellent and it's well though out. This book actually has a story that you can get involved in - which makes it kind of unique. For a programmer it might be a bit childish and you probably wouldn't want to use it as a reference, but you will pick a lot of good CoffeeScript stuff if you follow the book from start to finish. It's a book to read over a weekend - not to keep next to you on the desk." Full Review >
-- John Drews,

"The book is a quick and comical read by an author who really knows the ins and outs of Javascript and CoffeeScript. In this "season", the developer (Mr. Castledine and by extension you) has been roped into a seven day "Build-A-Game" competition and partnered with a team of less than diligent designers, artists, etc. So in the end, you're on your own to build a web based game in 7 days. To make it either more entertaining, or more insane, you decide to code this in a language you've never used before." Full Review >
-- Tony Dunsworth,

"Jump Start CoffeeScript by Earle Castledine takes an express approach to delivering the technical know-how, combined with the theory and story of the book's concepts. THe first chapter gets you started, and then the author goes on to the CoffeeScript fundamentals, going through sample code and illustrating differentiations between javascript components and coffee-script specific components, with the goal at the end of the book, for you to come up with a coffee-script powered game." Full Review >
-- Doron Katz,

"Jump Start CoffeeScript is written in interesting & entertaining way: you are taking part in "7-day HTML5 Game Jam-a-Thon Challenge (TM)" with your teammates. Every chapter is one day when you learn CoffeeScript..." Full Review >
-- Przemysław Dąbek,

"The author paints the picture of a somehow dysfunctional team set to build a 2D game as part of a coding competition where the developer decides to write the game using CoffeeScript even when he has little knowledge of the language. This setup works very well to show case all the features of the language in the frame of a non trivial application. The narrative is great and keep the pace very well." Full Review >
-- Hernan Garcia,