Media praise for HTML5: Up and Running

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"Like many O'Reilly books I own, this will be one of the books I end up going back to repeatedly while I get "up and running." Pilgrim includes a balanced blend of context and code, which means I learn not only *what* to do, but *why* I'm doing it and how it ended up that way."
-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"For people who do want to start using HTML5 features, this is a good guide to how to go about it for now."
-- Bobbie Lynn Eicher,

"Mark chose not take on the Communications and Devices sections of the evolving HTML5 - and given their semi-finished state that is understandable. I was surprised that Mark did not mention anything about multi-touch+gestures; but who wants to handle a can of worms. Also if you are looking for how to do HTML5 in Android or iPhone - this is not the place. But if you want to get a solid feel for what is in HTML5 [lots, Ian Hickson and crew have had an enormous task and done fairly well given the players with the exception of Web SQL Database] and what you can get started on this is the book to read."
-- admin,

"This is a practical and fun book, so keep your computer on all the times while you read it."
-- Jose Vicente Nunez, KodeGeek

"I found the book extremely readable and informative and feel that it gave me a good grasp of the capabilities of HTML5. Although I’d previously read most of the book online, I love having a hardcopy and plan to keep this close to my desk as a quick reference as I move more into using the latest version of HTML."
-- William Springer, Vulcan Ear Book Reviews

"HTML5 has a long way to go. I hope this book is a living document, and I imagine the final O'Reilly book on HTML5 will be several times the length of Up and Running, but until those who ship their code cement it (after reading this book, my money's on Google), we'll have to wait. In the meantime, Pilgrim has some great resources on his site and done a decent job with this book."
-- eldavojohn,

"I just want to note that this book was written well: easy to read, not like a technical you sat down to read a fascinating detective story."
-- Denis Gladkikh, outcoldman

"Suitable for both novices and experts it will likely be a useful reference to keep on your desk long after first reading."
-- Kim Rowan, PHP London

"[I]f you are a web designer and you haven't tried out the HTML 5 features (not indirectly) on any thing you are building then you should grab a copy of this and dive into the beautiful world of HTML 5."
-- Buls Yusuf, Object of Discussion

"This book is a foothold, however, and a necessary step to fill the holes in one's background. Like I said, these are the first books to cover actually using HTML, CSS and Javascript together as the new trinity of web development. The diagrams and code examples for canvas, as an example, are more clear in HTML5: Up and Running than anything I had found previously online. I'm looking forward to the next in the series. Recommended."
-- Glenn Gutierrez,

"This book does a good job of giving the reader a head start on the new way of doing things on the Web."
-- Aaman Lamba,

"L'auteur, Mark Pilgrim ingénieur chez Google, ne se contente pas seulement de nous décrire la nouvelle sémantique HTML5 (<header>, <footer>, <video> and co…) ni l'utilisation avancée des canvas, geolocalisation local storage et microdata, il évoque tout au long du livre l'histoire qui a amené à l'élaboration de ces composants et finalement du HTML5, il illustre ses propos d'applications concrètes et de liens pour plus d'informations." Full Review >
-- Fabien Vauthey,

"Mark Pilgrim has written a really useful introduction to the new technologies that are driving HTML5 adoption. If you're creating HTML for web sites then I recommend this book." Full Review >
-- Dave Cross,

"HTML5: Up and Running is Mark Pilgrim's book on HTML5. The entire text of the book is also available at Just like the other books written by Mark (Dive into Python, Greasemonkey Hacks), this book will serve as a very comprehensive introduction to the topic. " Full Review >
-- Amit Chakradeo,

"Catch up over the weekend on HTML5. HTML5 – Up and Running’s simple and short rundown on what’s new and valuable with the newest version of HTML is an essential for any frontend developer’s shelf. This book, with a little more compression can be a cheatsheet or even a pocket… " Full Review >
-- Jervin Real,

"This is a well written, fun to read book on what is new in HTML 5, why it's important and how it came into existence. It introduces new tags, reminded me of some old and forgotten and, in general, improved the quality of the HTML I write" Full Review >
-- Ricardo Banffy,

"The book is able to deliver the promised material and will indeed help you get HTML5 up and running"¦ if you are keen on accepting the challenge." Full Review >
-- Marius Ghita,

"This book is well written and does a good job with what it is trying to do. This book brings up many of the new features that are added with HTML5 and gives enough details to get the reader started playing with the features. In some areas there is quite a lot of detail, but the reader will want to use examples and details on the web to augment the book when programming." Full Review >
-- Gary Gragg,

"In HTML5: Up and Running, Mark, the author, starts off by giving us a brief history on how HTML standard is formed. He then dives into, as the book title says, getting HTML5 feature up and running on your machine - From how to determine if an HTML5 exists in a browser, to demonstrate how to use the feature in a handful of simple and easy to understand example. " Full Review >
-- Kenny Wong,

"Mark Pilgrim, author and organizer of the website Dive Into HTML5 has also penned a book about the topic published by O’Reilly Press entitled HTML5: Up and Running. The book, as it is named is designed for web developers to give them a good jump start into HTML5 and all of the promising API’s and tricks which it promises." Full Review >
-- Tony Dunsworth,

"Book starts with the history of HTML and then describes the details of the HTML5 specification for some of the more prominent features, and how you can use the new features to improve your website/webapps." Full Review >
-- Rajneesh Garg,

"If you don't know about the new features available in HTML5, now's the time to find out. This book provides practical information about how and why the latest version of this markup language will significantly change the way you develop for the Web." Full Review >
-- Christopher Thomas,

""HTML5: Up and Running" gives a concise history of web standards that have led to the development of HTML5 which is the next generation web standard. The book then describes all of the details of the HTML5 specification, and how you can use the new features to improve your website. It discusses the following things is particular: detecting HTML5 features, canvas tag, video tag, geolocation, local storage, and new form elements." Full Review >
-- Michael Kochendorfer,

"HTML5: Up and Running is a book presenting you some of the more prominent features of HTML5 including canvas, localStorage and the applicationCache. It sadly leaves out a whole range of other features like WebSockets and the data-attributes. Also the writing style reminds you often enough that this book was created out of the author's Dive Into HTML5 project ..." Full Review >
-- Horst Gutmann,

"Summary The book “HTML5: Up and running” By Mark Pilgrim is inspired from website and is a wonderful start for someone who wants to get started and achieve proficiency with HTML5. Thoughts behind a design make user understand the design intent and code samples get your hand to work… " Full Review >
-- Vishal Biyani,

"If like me, the last time you read about HTML you read that XHTML was the future, and you are wondering what happened since then, this book is for you. Mark Pilgrim does a great job of showing you..." Full Review >
-- Brian Bondy,

"  HTML5: Up and Running by Mark Pilgrim Summary:   This book gives a good introduction to HTML5, how it evolved and where it is heading with respect to adoption by different by various browsers available in the market. The author takes a humorous path in explaining how different the current… " Full Review >
-- Sasamka mone,

"HTML5 Up and Running by Mark Pilgrim is a concise explanation of the HTML5 specification and other specifications in the modern web ecosystem. Starting from an interesting description of the history and evolution of HTML, Mark takes us into the new world of HTML5 markup. This book is full… " Full Review >
-- Tushar Joshi,

"Summary This book is a guide to the new features in HTML5. It is suitable for anywho who is somewhat familiar with HTML. After reading chapter 2 and 3, readers will have a general idea about the new features in HTML5. Each subsequent chapter is devoted to explaining in detail… " Full Review >
-- Beady Geraghty,

"HTML5: Up and Running is the book version of Mark Pilgrim's comprehensive introduction to HTML5 at Whether you buy the book or read it online, it's the best introduction to the topic you'll find." Full Review >
-- Anand Subramanian,

"Die Bücher (German for "the books") is a semi-regular feature here on Vox Pop Design. We take a book, draw a warm bath, and settle in for some toe-wrinkling reading time. So was Mark Pilgrim's "HTML5: Up and Running" worth it or should we have gotten some aroma therapy candles… " Full Review >
-- Matthew Reinbold,

"It might surprise you to know that every major browser, including Internet Explorer, currently supports some elements of HTML5. Unless you're obsessed with web standards, though, you've probably been waiting on the HTML5 books to release before fully diving"¦ " Full Review >
-- William Springer,