Media praise for Head First WordPress

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"If your new to Wordpress this is a excellent book to get you started. I highly recommend it. I found this more user friendly and readable than any other Wordpress book I have read or reviewed. If you use Wordpress but want to understand it and get more out of it I highly recommend this book as well, especially if you want to learn how to go into the code to modify the appearance of your site. If you want to use Wordpress to it's full functionality get this book."
-- Steven Chambers,

"Recently, I seem to be receiving quite a few WordPress books for review. For anyone investigating building your blog initiative, Head First WordPress is the best I have read yet. The Head First books always present the information numerous ways to catch your attention, highlight key areas and make you contemplate new topics before moving along."
-- Chris Miller, TheSocialNetworker

"If you are contemplating the jump to Wordpress, or have just dipped your toes into the water, Head First Wordpress is a solid book that will give you a nice foundation."
-- Co-Founder, Untethered Dreams

"If you’re between expert and newbie – and I’m placing myself in this crowd – it’s a sure bet that you’ll learn a few things from Head First WordPress."
-- Anne-Marie Nichols, Mom Central Blogger University

"It took only a few minutes to realize that Head First Word Press was my perfect WordPress companion. "Had me at page one," I might have said...If you're using, or thinking about using it, putting this book on your desktop will make you a competent and confident user. Your brain will thank you, because all the learning happens without anxiety or confusion: all the learning is always simple and straightforward, and often fun."
-- Michael Pastore, ePublishers Weekly

"This particular volume is very well done and offers a deeply basic introduction to setting cup, configuring and managing a WordPress blog. It takes a new user through the basics and then provides a hands-on practical experience with all the appropriate skills to meet basic to intermediate user demands. It is well written and comprehensively delivered and if you are either a visual learner or a person who does not want to sit down with a stock manual than this is the approach for you." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,

""Head First Wordpress" is a funny and iririrreveren guide to getting yourself up and running with Wordpress in a engaging and dynamic way. This is part technical manual, part exercise guide and part comic book - a weird amalgamation of learning modalities that keeps the reader from skipping over critical sections and avoids talking down to the user or above their head. This is a excellent intermediate to advanced guide." Full Review >
-- David Greenbaum,

"When I became familiar with WordPress a few years ago, I was eager to apply the things I’d already learned about web design, but found the extensive documentation on the WordPress site a little daunting. I searched for a good reference book, but was unable to find anything that explained… " Full Review >
-- Janet Barclay,

"Then came Head First WordPress which was a great book for a guy like me a business marketer/graphic designer who does not have a lot of experience working with CMS (Content Management Systems) or Blogging Software." Full Review >
-- Eric Toro,

"On the cover of Head First Word Press by Jeff Siarto you’ll see the comforting words “A Brain – Friendly Guide”. That pretty well sums up this book published by O’Reilly. If you’re not familiar with the Head First series, … Continue reading →" Full Review >
-- John Pertell,

"This book was informative and there were many aspects of it that would be useful for a beginner using WordPress." Full Review >
-- Kim Murphey,

"Head First WordPress by Jeff Siarto is a very interesting book for a first time WordPress blogger. Part of the O'Reilly Press "Head First" series which offers a quick introduction to a topic with a quirky and off beat style, this book follows well in that trend." Full Review >
-- Tony Dunsworth,

"This is the first book in the Head First series by O’Reilly Media that I have read. I was pleased with how well written and entertaining it was. Head First WordPress by Jeff Siarto came out in July 2010. With WordPress’ move to the 3.0 release, this was good timing… " Full Review >
-- David Peach,

"Very practical, in-depth guide to setting up, customizing and using WordPress blogs " but does require a fair bit of background knowledge." Full Review >
-- Brian Mulawka,

"Many blogs are based on the WordPress - today's de facto standard for blogging platform. There are, usually, two ways of starting fun with WordPress - you are either so called Web nerd or totally green when it comes to all these Internet abbreviations like FTP, PHP, SFTP, SQL, and so on." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"I've been using, off and on, WordPress to maintain a blog of what is going on. My advanced skill (joking) has gotten me to the point of being able to add entries and tag them. I stumble through the setup but really relied upon the Cpanel to install it on… " Full Review >
-- Carlos Randolph,

"Head First WordPress, by Jeff Siarto: An excellent book to explore the important features of WordPress as blogging platform and CMS, and to manage a well organized blog. A couple years ago I wrote a booklet about WordPress, aimed to educate teachers and students to start blogging. The book was… " Full Review >
-- Kuncoro Wastuwibowo,

"While I've long been a big fan of the O'Reilly "animal cover" books, this was the first Head First title I'd looked at, and I'm really pleased I did because now I'm a fan." Full Review >
-- Paul Pival,

"The book starts with the basics and expands to cover much more advanced topics which is a great way to learn." Full Review >
-- David Iwanow,

"As I have used WordPress as my CMS and use it for my blog I thought it worth looking at Head First WordPress to see how I could best tweak and generally improve my blog presentation." Full Review >
-- James Garland,

"I'm a seasoned web developer that has been working a little bit with WordPress over the past 6 months. I've read books in the "Head First" series before, so when I discovered that there was a WordPress edition, I grabbed it without hesitation. Head First WordPress by Jeff Siarto (HWP) provides an excellent introduction into the WordPress environment. The book is structured to teach you how WordPress works while simultaneously having you build a couple of fictional WordPress sites. As you're reading..." Full Review >
-- Sean Patterson,

"When my former blogging platform inexplicably disabled line-skipping between paragraphs, it was time to go. I moved to WordPress, so I greeted Jeff Siarto's book with excitement, because WordPress is powerful but occasionally non-intuitive. He did not disappoint." Full Review >
-- Thomas Mullen,