Media praise for Gamestorming

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"Everybody knows the problem: We need to be more innovative. Now we've got the solution: Gamestorming. This smart, fun, hands-on book will energize your brain and mobilize your creativity--and do it using stuff you already have in your supply closet!"
-- Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

"At Zappos, one of our core values is to 'Be Creative, Adventurous, and Open-Minded.' Gamestorming is a great how-to manual for achieving that."
-- Tony Hsieh, author of NY Times #1 Bestseller Delivering Happiness and CEO of, Inc

"Wow -- I'm only into chapter 4 so far, but it really is an amazing book...that I think could be one of Those Books :) The Ones Everyone Has To Have. "
-- Kathy Sierra, founder of the Software Development/Jolt Productivity Award-winning

"As my introduction into the world of gamestorming (an obvious play on the word brainstorming), the book lead me around quite well and I will be using a lot of these techniques in my immediate work environment."
-- Shanti Mangala, Desicritics

"I would highly recommend the book to anyone whose role involves understanding complex processes and systems, building consensus among team members, generating creative ideas to solve an existing problem, designing a new product or concept and root cause analysis."
-- Gargi, Heartcrossings

"If you’re a facilitator, corporate trainer, a team leader or in a creative role within a company, I’d say that this book will be valuable to you and that’s it’s worth checking out."
-- Mark Dykeman, Broadcasting Brain

"I’d recommend this book for managers and their teams."
-- Todd Jordan, The Broad Brush

"Most organizations would welcome more innovation, a greater ability to change and a more fulfilling and fun culture for their employees. This book is probably the fastest and easiest - and most economical – way to make that happen."
-- Kris Tuttle, Research 2.0

"Excellent and entertaining illustrations are provided for each exercise that capitalize on the Visual Communication skills of the authors. Game-like activities offer an exciting and engaging alternative to boring corporate meetings and are suitable for many (if not all) of the purposes and contingencies for which a meeting would ordinarily be called."
-- Ira Laefsky,

"With this book in hand, game storming is a must-do activity for any group that wishes to come up with innovative solutions for any type of difficult business problem."
-- Jude Umeh, FBCS, CITP

"Gamestorming was a very interesting book, I was under the mistaken impression (for about 5 minutes) that it was a book about gamification of applications. but i was quickly corrected - it is a book about how to use gaming or games to help mainly with generating ideas but also as a more general business tool " Full Review >
-- Moshe Eshel,

"The book presents the idea of approaching the brainstorming activity using games through collaborative play. I enjoyed going over the book and found the games very useful, some of them entertaining as well. Approaching brainstorming in the form of a game is a new concept for me and it took quite a while to become open to the games presented. One of the things that is very helpful is the good number of illustrations in the book the really helps the 'serious' brainstormer like me to appreciate the concepts being presented. The games are presented in a manner that is straightforward and with just enough information similar to what you would expect in playing board games. One thing that stands out for me is the whole chapter devoted to the skills required in order to increase success in doing gamestorms. I am looking forward to using the methods in my next brainstorming activity. Recommended for those involved in generating ideas for almost anything like problems " Full Review >
-- Rino Sardon,

"Gamestorming sets out to change the way knowledge workers use meetings to gather ideas, come to a decision and move their project forward. It starts by presenting a set of tools, both physical objects and techniques, that can then be combined in a number of ways to help groups of… " Full Review >
-- Joshua Hunter,

"Gamestorming lives up to its rather lofty ambitions by providing solid and systemised routines that can be implemented to create an environment for innovation. The book provides a recipe-like guide to a wide (100 or so) variety of exercises and scripts for groups of individuals to employ to open up the flood gates for the free flow of ideas, breaking through impasses and generally making great things happen." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,

"First off...this is not a computer science book. Yes O'Reilly is a computer science press, but they also publish some pretty good business/management/other books, Confessions of a Public Speaker for example. And this book also falls into that category. The authors design games to help educate and encourage innovation in the workplace and they've found that games really help people understand the concepts. " Full Review >
-- Andrew Shuping,

"Gamestorming is a book that I expected to hate.  After a few experiences of poorly-run “games” in the corporate environment, the thought of forced interaction like this is a definite negative. With that in mind, I started to skim the book and was impressed by the authors breakdown of the… " Full Review >
-- John Brady,

"Gamestorming, A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James MacanufoGamestorming is all about using games to bring up ideas and solutions in your team. The games are used to give a creativity boost. The book starts out with an explanation of the different concepts… " Full Review >
-- Michiel Overeem,

"Gamestorming provides a great collection of games to assist a group in approaching and resolving challenges." Full Review >
-- Richard Hamilton,

"If you want to came up with something you usually have two options. Either you go with some kind of process (this way is usually good one if you want to have your back covered) or you go with unconventional methods (if you have enough money to cover your expenses in case of failure). The second approach is what Gamestorming is all about." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"This smart, fun, hands-on book will energize your brain and mobilize your creativity--and do it using stuff you already have in your supply closet!"
--Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind