Media praise for Head First Programming

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" outstanding and comprehensive introduction to programming for the mature reader, but in designing this text for that specific goal it does not pretend to be a general tutorial in Python or other particular methods."
-- Ira Laefsky,

"There are a lot of languages that have been used to introduce programming to eager minds. Initially I wouldn't have expected Python to be a first choice but in Head First Programming it just works." Full Review >
-- Jon Guenther,

"淺顯易懂的圖文說明,以 Python 語言教學,搭配易用的 Python IDLE 相當適合新手。本書的內®範例®排良好,®易引起學習興趣,也包含程式設計重要的基本觀念,並且®學習者能夠做出許多實際有用的小程式。" Full Review >
-- Yan-hong Lin,

"Head First Programming by David Griffiths and Paul Barry is an introduction to programming using the Python language. This book would be a good choice for someone new to writing code who learns best by example; Griffiths et al don’t spend any time on tedious discussions of language elements and… " Full Review >
-- John Brady,

"I have read Head First series for quite some time. These books are just amazing. My first book was Head First Servlets and JSP and I liked the series from the very beginning. Now, I have few of them on my book shelf--I like the style of the series: well served knowledge. " Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"Head First Programming is unlike any other programming book that I have read; it is an interesting book that uses lots of humor, graphics and real life exercises that teach the reader how to program using the programming language Python 3. Head First Programming is not a reference book, but… " Full Review >
-- Richard Hamilton,

""Head First Programming" is my first exposure to the "Head First" series. I had been avoiding this series because I imagined books in the series to just be full of fancy graphics with very little actual content. "Head First Programming" proved me very wrong. There are a lot of graphics… " Full Review >
-- David Karapetyan,

"The book provides a gentle introduction to the fundamental elements of programming using the Python programming language. " Full Review >
-- Tanya Gupta,