Media praise for Learning the vi and Vim Editors

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"In summary I think this is a fantastic book for anyone new to Vi/Vim but not so much for the more experienced Vi/Vim user... "
-- Harry Tormey, BayPIGgies

"If you're moving to Google Apps, you should make this a priority purchase. "
-- Andy Hudson, Linux Format

"I would definitely recommend this book to anyone just beginning to use vi or Vim and wanting to really hone their skills with these editors."
-- Michael Dumont, Computer Science House

"vi is probably everywhere. ex, is probably everywhere. On each and every machine, you may be still during installation phase, and it might be that nothing is there, yet, but you will most likely find vi or ex or both." Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,

"This book is good for novices and experts alike, decent reference book and good tool for learning if you are new. I couldn't recommend this book enough." Full Review >
-- Andrew Aurand,

"In many cases, knowing how to use a tool well enough to get the job done is acceptable. However, to be a master of your craft, you will need to know your tools so well that they become an extension of your consciousness. Vim is one of those tools that I was using well enough to get by: Learning the vi and Vim Editors has helped me to bypass years of 'stumbling upon' features of vim, by presenting all kinds of useful commands." Full Review >
-- Noah Spahn,

"As like as reading a fiction, this book will make you feel like experienced user if you are an entry level user. For intermediate to advanced, a dedicated parts and chapters for you." Full Review >
-- M Sheik Uduman Ali,