Media praise for The Productive Programmer

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"The Productive Programmer is about maximizing your ability to efficiently create good, working software. It's about leveraging your computer's abilities, and learning how to master the tools you use regularly. If you love being a developer and creating software then you owe it to yourself to read this book and start becoming better at it today."
-- Burk Hufnagel, Developer Zone, IT Book Zone

"Here's another 'foundation pick' for serious programming collections: a guide that tells how to save time and enhance productivity with tools which can be adopted over many platforms and styles. "
-- Diane C. Donovan, California Bookwatch: The Computer Shelf

"...I think that most programmers would benefit from owning and reading Neal Ford’s book. He does a good job of leveraging both his programming and training background in producing a sleek, streamlined guide that will help you automate tasks and pump up your code."
-- James Pyles, Linux Pro Magazine

"Ultimately I would like to express that I found every section and every chapter in this book useful. It broadened my knowledge in corners of computing that I needed, allowing me to travel more-seamlessly through the technical universe...I found his wit and writing style enjoyable, and I recommend this book to any programmer wanting to better his development process. For me, this book sits on my desk, as I am always pulling little bits of time saving know-how out of it."
-- Benjamin Lehman, While Owl Logistix

"This book is a recommended easy read for novice programmers."
-- Maxey von Senden, eJournal of the Tucson Computer Society, January 2011

"Today the pressure is always there to "do more with less". IT departments have shrunk to half their size and those left behind are left to pick up the work left behind as well as manage their own. This book has arrived at the right time. I have personally found this book to lower my stress and also make me appear cool at the office whenever I shared a trick or tip. I give full credit to the author when I am asked how I learned so many tricks." Full Review >
-- Santosh Shanbhag,

"Ford's _The Productive Programmer_ reviews best programming practice as well as a cookbook of specific techniques. He writes in bite-sized chapters you can apply right away, so the book is a quick read and handy. Each chapter is composed of short arguments for a particular practice or expositions of a technique. " Full Review >
-- Kui Tang,

"Title: The Productive Programmer by Neal FordSummary: The Productive Programmer has tips to make programmers efficient and effective. It includes tips for common tasks such as launching applications using shortcuts, finding the right text editor for coding purposes, finding quiet time for tasks, and other tips and suggestions.Review: As a… " Full Review >
-- Johnny Hopkins,

"In his book "The Productive Programmer" Neal Ford suggests several ways to become a more productive programmer.The book is divided in two parts. The first part titled "Mechanics" describes which tools can be used to improve your productivity as a programmer. It starts with suggestions for every day task like"¶ " Full Review >
-- Matthias Köster,

"It is one thing to use program in java or C# using IDEs and another to be productive in what you do. This book is an eye-opener on where you stand and what you can do on productivity." Full Review >
-- Raghuram Bharathan,

"The Productive Programmer targets the developer audience, with the stated goal of discovering patterns and practices which make a developer more efficient. If you are not a developer, this is not the book you’re seeking. The first section of the book, which I found to be of greatest value, is… " Full Review >
-- John Brady,

"This book is divided into two major sections, mechanics and practice. The mechanics section describes tools and practices that aim to both improve efficiency and reduce distraction. The practice section details methods that will improve your code.  Neil mentions that while innovation (GUI, mice, etc..) have reduced the learning curve… " Full Review >
-- Sean Fox,

"This is a great grab-bag of detailed tips (”Mechanics”) and general approaches/philosophies (”Practice”) for helping serious programmers be more productive (this isn’t a book for the average user). Most programmers know that the difference between an okay developer and a great one isn’t fractional, it’s an order of magnitude or… " Full Review >
-- Sean Boisen,

"The Productive Programmer is Neal Ford’s attempt to share the techniques and tactics that will allow programmers to live up to their job title by efficiently getting the job done. The book is split into two sections covering mechanical considerations and approaches to programming technique. Some of his advice focuses… " Full Review >
-- Bobbie Eicher,

"The Productive Programmer is about maximizing your ability to efficiently create good, working software. It's about leveraging your computer's abilities, and learning how to master the tools you use regularly."
--Burk Hufnagel, Developer Zone, IT Book Zone