Media praise for Algorithms in a Nutshell

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"Overall, this is a great book for developers looking for more tools in their arsenals. As you might suspect, this is not really a book to read cover to cover unless it's for a class. But it provides a clear and well laid out approach to some of the many algorithms that exist today in computer programming. It isn't an exhaustive list, but it certainly provides a great cross-section from which you could continue your search."
-- Brian Fitzpatrick, Blogcrititcs Magazine

"This book is a "keeper" - make room for it on your bookshelf as it's essential reading."
-- Mike James, I Programmer

"It must be noted that much of this book is covered in some way by university-level computing degrees. Nonetheless, one tends to forget the principles and the algorithms themselves. One develops one's handful of favourites. This book helps one to keep playing with a full deck."
-- Al Lukaszewski,

"This is a book for reference when you know what you're doing and you want to confirm how this algorithmic pattern or that pattern will impact the program and the speed of computation. The book is well written and there is tonnes of example code throughout the book to explain what the authors are saying about each type of algorithm" Full Review >
-- Tony Dunsworth,

"Good reference book. I recently did an introductory 'Artificial Intelligence' course at University and this book proved to be worth the spend. It covers a range of algorithms - from sorting algorithms all the way to path finding and everything in between." Full Review >
-- Mark Pearl,