Media praise for Website Optimization

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" engaging, comprehensive, and valuable resource for anyone who wishes to improve the online marketing results of their own businesses Web sites or those of the clients they support. Online business owners and Web developers unfamiliar with core SEO and site optimization techniques, are urged to read this book."
-- Michael J. Ross, Web Developer,

"This Andy King really knows his stuff. His book has a unique angle - it doesn't just focus on website optimization in the traditional sense, he covers website conversion optimization, how to optimize search engine rankings, and also, even more uniquely, he covers how to optimize website download times (many websites are plagued with this lately, even with the mainstream of broadband."
-- Rich Page, Rich Page Ramblings

"Andy King has drawn attention to the inherent synergy between search engine marketing and web page performance. Andy is a thought leader and genuinely understands the complexity of website optimization. The depth of research and experience in this book is astonishing. This book is a must-have for best practices to optimize your website and maximize profit."
-- Tenni Theurer, Engineering Manager, Yahoo! Exceptional Performance

"Thoughtful and rich in examples, this book will be a useful reference for web site designers."
-- Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer

"Andy King has done it again! His latest book will help make your website better, faster, and more findable. This is destined to become the definitive guide to web optimization."
-- Peter Morville, Author of Ambient Findability and co-author of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 3d. ed

"Website Optimization brings together the science, the art, and the business of Internet marketing in a complete way. From persuasion paths to search engine algorithms, from web page load performance to pay-per-click campaign management, and from organic search ranking metrics to multivariate testing, this book is a resource that goes from soup to nuts."
-- Jim Sterne,

"Andy King has distilled years of research and experience into a cohesive approach designed to get maximum value from your web site. The book explains what measurable objectives to focus upon to increase web site traffic and improve the value of the experience to your customers and your bottom line. Andy King provides a comprehensive set of concrete, practice-oriented principles, strategies, experimental methods and metrics illustrated with clear studies that provide the know-how to achieve your objectives. To me, as a researcher, what is particularly impressive is how all of this is backed by scientific studies and how the approach is rooted in experimental techniques and quantifiable metrics for engineering the best web site possible."
-- Peter Pirolli, PARC Research Fellow & author of Information Foraging Theory

"I've never met anyone who didn't want more traffic, sales or leads to their website. This is the first book to cover optimization from high level concepts down to code level details. WSO will guide you through the world of SEO and Pay Per Click to bring you more traffic and breaks down the many things you can do to your website to make sure your visitor takes action. The first step though is for you to take action and do the things WSO tells you to do and buy this book. "
-- Bryan Eisenberg, Bestselling author of Call to Action & Always Be Testing

"Andy has combined theoretical best practices with real world examples, making Website Optimization a "must read" for anyone who cares about their sites technical quality. As someone who has worked optimizing some of the largest websites in the world, everyone who cares about site performance has something to learn from this book."
-- Ben Rushio, Senior Manager of Keynote Performance Consulting Services

"Website Optimization will prove useful to anyone interested in increasing the visibility, responsiveness, and profitability of their website."
-- Andrew Stevens, Digital Web Magazine

"The book is excellent...and from what I've seen, it is THE book on Website Optimization. Gone are the days of scouring the web for bits and pieces of info on how to optimize...this book contains it all."
-- Eric Brown, Aligning Technology, Strategy, People, and Projects

"I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by Website Optimizing. I expected it to be heavy on optimizing code and graphics. I never really expected this book to discuss web copy. Putting the two types of information together makes perfect sense. "
-- Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews

"...the book's overall composition is excellent. For a start, it's not an SEO book per se. But there's a whole lot of stuff you'll learn about SEO if you're new to the game...makes for a great all-round resource."
-- Mike Grehan, The ClickZ Network

"This should be a desk reference for anyone that makes a living on or from the web."
-- Sacramento Book Review, September 2008 Issue

"The core of this book will help you, no matter what the goal of your website. Andy King has done an incredible job of thoroughly covering the areas of performance, optimizing these areas, and then properly analyzing the results."
-- Nate Klaiber, NK Book Reviews

"Website Optimization is key for any working to enhance web functioning. "
-- Diane Donovan, The Bookwatch - The Computer Shelf

"Lots of good ideas on how to get your web page loading faster and get it ranking better in the search engines."
-- Stephen Chapman, Ask Felgall

" engaging, comprehensive, and valuable resource for anyone who wishes to improve the online marketing results of their own businesses Web sites or those of the clients they support."
--Michael J. Ross, Web Developer,