Media praise for Beautiful Data

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"Beautiful Data proves to be quite the cover-to-cover page turner for anyone involved in building interfaces for data or the statistician at a loss for the best way to intuitively and effectively relay knowledge when given voluminous amounts of raw data...each chapter revealed a data repository or tool I had no idea existed. I felt like a child with an attention deficit disorder trying my hand at nearly everything...A worthwhile book if you work with data — whether you be a consumer or producer."
-- eldavojohn,

"While the book is indeed beautiful, it more importantly provides a set of carefully described case studies in all phases of the data capture, processing,analysis, communication and visualization life cycle. "
-- Ira Laefsky,

"This book was, to me, truly extraordinary and truly entertaining. I read it in pieces over the course of a few weeks, and it was lovely to take in one story – one angle on data problems or applications – and muse on it on and off until I had a few minutes to read the next. It’s a book that lends itself to piecemeal reading, jumping around, and rereading at will. And it’s one I recommend not just to IT pros, but to everyone. "
-- Jennifer McCown, SQLServerPedia

"Reading this book isn't like reading an IT textbook. It's like reading an adventure story that wows you with each chapter. I bet you'll be so amazed by some of the stories here that you'll share them with colleagues. It's that interesting."
-- Todd R. Weiss, ComputerWorld

"While reading the title you may think of something like "Data structures in C"Ě with a twist, I have to note that this book is a completely different beast." Full Review >
-- Marius Ghita,

"Based mainly on its title and cover image, I anticipated Beautiful Data would be something more like Jonathan Harris meets a college math book. However, the book is neither filled with visual representations of information, nor is it heavy on the equations. Rather, it's a collection of individual essays all loosely tied to the topic of data usage. " Full Review >
-- Erin Richey,

"We live in a world of data. By walking across the street humans receive and process countless bits of information. What seems so easy for us, would be very hard work for machines. Beautiful Data by Toby Segaran and Jeff Hammerbacher tells 20 storys about how fascinating, thrilling and inspiring working with data can be. Compilations of work by different writers usually offer much more insight into a topic than a piece written by a single person. Each author adds - by chance or willingly - his personal background, his attitude towards the matter, his personal experience. Still, different writing skills may result in a unsteady reading experience. In Beautiful Data, very experienced data practitioners explain how they developed simple and elegant solutions on projects ranging from the Mars lander to a Radiohead video. Though the scientific parts of each of the papers are undoubtedly excellent, I found myself having a hard time appreciating the narrative facets of some of them. As this is a very personal perception, I will not reveal which they are. You will have to find out for yourself. Nonetheless this book is absolutely worth reading." Full Review >
-- Thomas Kuenneth,

"Beautiful Data is a collection of essays on exploring the organisation, manipulation and display of data in 'beautiful' way." Full Review >
-- Shawn Day,

"A worthwhile book if you work with data — whether you be a consumer or producer."