Media praise for Mobile Design and Development

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" excellent read for those looking to develop their knowledge of the mobile space. I thoroughly recommend it for Project / Account Managers looking to understand the approaches required for developing for mobile, and for developers looking to check any mobile specific knowledge required for making decisions regarding the correct techniques for a specific project."
-- Jon Hume, Jon Hume’s posterous

"As usual for O’Reilly, the book is well-written and readable even for non-native English speakers. Code examples are provided in various web languages; an ample amount of images is included for clarification where beneficial."
-- Tam Hanna, TamsPalm – the Palm OS / web OS Blog

""Mobile Design and Development" describes the state of mobile software development today. The author discusses a wide range of topics in great detail and gives a lot of good information and statistics about the current marketplace. The book discusses the pros and cons of different mobile app design structures in great detail and gives a lot of history of how we got to where we are today." Full Review >
-- Michael Kochendorfer,

"I would recommend Mobile Design and Development to any business that uses internet technology and plans to be around for a while. This book does a good job of laying out the facts to back that up. Brian Fling's book does an excellent job of laying out the different design elements that need to be adopted over the next few years. " Full Review >
-- Don Holloway,

"The author, Brian Fling, an established leader in the mobile development community, with over a decade of experience, shares his opinion and recommends techniques on how to develop a better mobile application or a mobile web application for your users." Full Review >
-- Marvin Lee,