Media praise for Essential PHP Security

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"This little book is an excellent way to learn about the security pitfalls one may encounter, and defend against, when writing Web scripts in any language. By following all of Shiflett’s recommendations, you would avoid most, if not all, security vulnerabilities in PHP. If you use PHP, I highly recommend that you get this book, read it, and adhere to the suggestions found within it."
-- Rik Farrow, ;login:

"...covers all of the major areas of security and presents you with techniques for blocking (or at least minimizing the effects of) an attack against your code. A must-have book for any PHP programmer."
-- Stephen Chapman,

"The book is undoubtedly intended for PHP programmers. At this time, I have no intentions of taking up the sport. However, as a site administrator, I find the book very useful for the security of the site as a whole, and allows me to constrain those who might endanger the site, and otherwise to vet clients' code."
-- Roger Walker, Edmonton Linux User Group

"If anyone is well-suited to writing such a work, it is Chris Shiflett, a well-known authority on PHP security, a respected contributor to the PHP community, founder and spokesman of the PHP Security Consortium, and founder and President of Brain Bulb, a PHP consulting firm… any PHP developer would be wise to begin with this book as a first step towards PHP security mastery…"
----Michael J. Ross, Web Developer, Slashdot. org, February 2006