Media praise for Big Data Analytics

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"Big Data Analytics is mostly suitable for business owners & managers thinking to adopt Big Data technology & transform their businesses. The book gives a sound insight on what to consider & how to identify the need for Big Data. I should say the author delivered what he promised in the preface. I gave a 4.0 rating for the fact that if a non-IT person reads the book he/she might have a tough time juggling with some of the terms used." Full Review >
-- Nitin K Sookun,

"It's not written about data application development, MapReduce programming, or implementing Hadoop. If you want to know and get idea about what big data is and why it can add value, what types of problems are suited to a big data approach, and how to properly plan to determine the need, align the right people in the organization, and develop a strategic plan for integration. It will help you. After finished each chapter. You can exercise, that will repeat what you read and make you understand clearly. " Full Review >
-- Surachart Opun,