Media praise for The Basics of Web Hacking

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"Do you wonder why there is client side validation as well as server side, do you think: "man i have provided all client side validations -how the hell a wrong parameter can end up at server end" or I have used best practice, how my app can not be breached! Get this book. This book provides a brilliant overview of most of the security aspects and how to address/attack those -its then left up to the individual users interest to delve deeper. " Full Review >
-- Chandan Pandey,

"Training wheels for those just learning about security with instructions as to how to work towards removing those wheels" Full Review >
-- Neil Jacobson,

"Are you a developer? Maybe you're just plain Jane or Joe? Either way, you really should be concerned with web security.This book is a real good start whether you've been coding for years, or never wrote a line of code in your life." Full Review >
-- Ninajean Slone,