Media praise for Practical Anonymity

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"A great introduction to Anonymity using Tor. Peter Loshin does a great job explaining the purpose of Tor, how to use it and how to make a meaningful contribution to its infrastructure and expansion." Full Review >
-- Richard Young,

"I wouldn't recommend this book as a book on staying anonymous on the Internet, but it is a decent book on how to setup and use Tor." Full Review >
-- Richard Wanner,

"The anonymity on the web is probably one of the most debated topics on the web. Is possible to be completely anonymous? The short answer is no. This book tries to help the read to improve its anonymity, staying is the "real world", as the "Practical" world in the title suggests. In this book you will not find anything that is too complex for an average user. " Full Review >
-- Fabio Alessandro Locati,

"I realize there are many times when we, as a country, need to know what is going on within our borders. However, I also believe in our right to privacy, which is growing smaller and smaller every day. If police, politicians, political activists, etc. are allowed to use the internet anonymously, why shouldn't the regular person be able to do so? " Full Review >
-- Ninajean Slone,

"The content of the book can be best described with the following statement from the author: „The subject of this book: how to connect to the Internet with the confidence that someone listening in to your connection won't be able to figure out what you are doing (or at least… " Full Review >
-- Andreas von Linden,