Media praise for General Operations 101

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"For the introduction to the subject, the collection is great. Anyone who has a little already dealt with Operations, is very much familiar to rediscover (Getting Started with shell tools, Nagios and Graphite). My favorite of the collection is clearly John Allspaw with his "Outages Investigation 101", which raises the issue of "Operations" from the plane of the tools to a level of awareness of complex processes." Full Review >
-- Josef Dietl,

"The Ops guys from Etsy are giving us a short spin on monitoring of a complex system. Going over what tools they use for specific tasks. There are also some hands-on short sessions about tools installation and configuration. " Full Review >
-- Vergiliu S,

"I've always focused on software development and I barely have experience on operations. This video series seemed like a light introduction to such a deep topic so I decided to take a look at it. (...) The video seems a bit inconsistent in terms of content (with two very theoretical sections vs three hands-on ones) and the skills required from the audience vary from section to section (e.g: those who understand the CLI tools used to generate data in the Graphite examples will already know about .bashrc). Leaving apart the second part of the "productivity tools" section, I think the content can be interesting for those who want to get exposed to these topics for the first time." Full Review >
-- Raul Murciano,

"Often when people ask me about my work they don’t really get it exactly what I do. I must say when it comes to IT people tend to know only about Technicians, Software Developers … but not System Admins. It’s also the case of students. A little more than a… " Full Review >
-- Nitin K Sookun,