Media praise for HTML5 Canvas for Developers

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"Once I heard David Geary's voice I knew this was going to be a good one. A real make or break on videos is having someone who really enjoys what they're showing you, had fun doing it and is excited to show it to other people. That said, David is pretty low-key and easy going, which is good since it's going to take several hours to make it through the videos, and there will be points where you want to go back and watch sections again. The last thing you want is someone's voice who drives you bonkers. " Full Review >
-- Adam Guyot,

"As the name suggests, this set of videos is for developers. HTML 4 and Javascript are often used without much explaination about the JS code it self but only about the HTML5 Canvas part. I felt to point this out immediately since I've not found it on the O'Reilly page, but I believe that is really important to specify. Another thing that I'd like to point out is that (as it is easy to imagine, but not obvious) these videos only speak about 2D graphics in HTML (therefore there will no WebGL topics).After these two notes (that will not influence in any way my judgement about the videos), let's start talking about the videos." Full Review >
-- Fabio Alessandro Locati,