Media praise for Java EE 7 Essentials

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"做好迎接 Tomcat 8.0 的準備,必須先瞭解 Java EE 7 帶來哪些新功能,例如 WebSocket API。這本書適合 Java 世界的 Web 開發者,利用工作閒暇的時間更新自己的知識庫。" Full Review >
-- Yan-hong Lin,

"Java EE 7 Essentials is a really good book to get start with Java EE 7. The author gives a lot of information about Java EE in general and what are the additions of Java EE 7 in particular, accompanied by examples that clarify these new concepts." Full Review >
-- Alex Soto,

"This is the default resource for enterprise java developers outside the specification manual. What separates it from other such enterprise java books is that it keeps the reader's focus on the problem in hand and does not attempts to provide an application server specific solution. It is also helpful to those who are just coming into JavaEE as it provides the information grounds up and not just only the new changes. A word of advice though; I would recommend that the reader also have an internet connection with resources while developing with this book to find and understand the nuances while building a JavaEE application with it as this book covers most enterprise libraries, but by no means attempts to be a comprehensive and bulky manual." Full Review >
-- Sumit Bisht,

"I think that this one is next must have for all Java EE developers who doesn't like to browse through the Java EE specifications. As a Java EE developer you probably know how many specifications cover given Java EE release. If you keep your fingers on pulse that's fine, on the other hand, if you have stuck with some outdated Java EE release in some ancient project this book is a really nice refresher. It covers most essential topics and provides simple examples that show how to use particular feature of the platform. What's new here comparing to Java EE 6 Pocket Guide? You will find here description of JSON processing, Web Sockets, concurrency related topics, extended chapter related to java transactions, and two, really nice features of Java EE 7 " Face Flows and Batch processing. The concept of the book remains the same as for Java EE 6 Pocket Guide. Title was refreshed and slightly modified to be more groovy :) Anyway, definitely this one is something nice to have at your desk if you want to make a quick sneak peek at crucial technologies inside Java EE. Note! This book will not teach you Java EE! This is a reference. If you want to learn Java EE from the very beginning take a look at: Head First Servlets and JSP" Full Review >
-- Michal Konrad Owsiak,