Media praise for Functional Thinking

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"I especially enjoyed Neal's discussion about the paradigm shift from object-oriented programming to more functional programming. He is able to support this with concrete examples of functional concepts like map/fold, functional data structures, preferring composition over inheritance, and a lot more that I think any developer of any experience level would benefit from watching." Full Review >
-- Jim Schubert,

"Functional Thinking by Neil Ford of Thoughtworks is another great series in the O'Reilly video library. As I've come to expect from O'Reilly videos, the production quality, picture and audio are excellent. The content is also pretty great. The key to this title is in the name - Functional Thinking. The aim of these videos isn't to teach a specific functional programming language, and you won't be fluent in a specific language as a result of watching them. Instead, the focus is on thinking a little bit differently. As Mr. Ford emphasizes: learning functional programming isn't comparable to learning a new language - it is a new way of thinking. This is a very important distinction and one i'm glad that the author made." Full Review >
-- Jason Irwin,

"I highly recommand this serie of videos on Functional Programming concepts. Neal Ford is doing a great job explaining why you should considered them and how they can help you be a better programmer." Full Review >
-- David Paccoud,

"Overall if you are looking for an introduction into why functional programming has been and will continue to gain traction, this is a good collection of videos for you to watch. Keep in mind that this is more of an introduction and you cannot explain everything in under 4 hours of lecture." Full Review >
-- David Witherspoon,

"Neal Ford in his video presents functional programming's foundations and principles as he believes that this paradigm is going to dominate software development as mainstream technologies are including its features more and more. He believes that learning syntax of new programming languages is easy, so instead teaches you about new ways… " Full Review >
-- Krzysztof Ropiak,

"I was skeptical about this presentation, but I am a fan of Neal Ford so I decided to give it a shot. Overall, I was very pleased with the content mainly because it did not focused on syntax, it focused on context! "Functional" is more a way of thinking than a tool set. For anyone to understand functional programming you need to understand the concepts, and Neal achieved this in his presentation." Full Review >
-- Marcelo Olivas,